Behind PODIUM:

    In the professional cycling world, Carlos Restrepo was a force to be reckoned with. Built for speed and climbing, he surpassed the competition time and time again. But every time he ascended the podium, he felt the desire to share his fulfillment with others but didn't quite know how.

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Carlos grew up playing sports ranging from tennis to soccer. At the age of fourteen, he started cycling, entered his first road race at age fifteen and won. The very next day his brother put him to the test, dragging him up the local but legendary mountain San Pedro. When Carlos finally hauled his bike over the summit, he promptly swore he would never ride again, but it was too late, the ravenous cycling bug had bitten him and by the next day, he was itching to go again.

Carlos continued to ride and race both road and track for Colombia as a professional, and recognized a fondness for overall fitness and well-being. He transferred this passion into his schooling, earning a Masters degree in Physical Education from University of Politecnico in Colombia where he coached all athletes from golfers to volleyball players, runners to cyclists. Carlos is a USCF Expert Level certified coach, and gives his clients a wellrounded structure for their training. He enjoys working with all people to reach their potential, even though every person's potential is different. He feels that every person has his or her own unique podium to climb, thus the realization of a lifelong dream in Podium.


Podium is a place for athletes of all levels; it is where each runner, cyclist, triathlete, racer, weekend warrior, and health conscious individual can reach his or her own goals, climb his or her own podium to success. Carlos wants to share all of his experience and take care of his clients; that is what is important to him.

In addition to the eight Computrainers, Podium also has two Vision treadmills and personal training equipment. When your workout is over, stretch out on a mat with a foam roller or bands, and hop into the shower before heading off.