PODIUM Bike Fitting

As a Cyclist or triathlete you spend so much time on your bike, you need to be comfortable in a position in which you may ride for two, three or maybe more hours at a time. Bike fit focuses on your three contact points with the bicycle: Pedals, Seat and Handlebars.

Step 1

Frame size to choose is directly related to the length of your inseam, this will allow for proper positioning of the saddle in the relation to the pedals. To complete the specification of a bicycle for use, the rider adjusts the relative positions of the saddle, pedals and handlebars.

Step 2

Here you will look at your cleat position, Shoe inserts, saddle height, Saddle fore/aft, handlebar position and size, knee, back, handlebar reach, drop at the top of the saddle to the handlebar. Optimal position is a compromise among many bicycling needs and may change depending upon the event since position affect performance, efficiency, comfort, and chance of injury. Measurements are taken to the center of Bottom bracket to the top of saddle in line with the seat tube. Top tube and head tube also are dimensions to determine your reach and handlebar height.

Step 3

Taking measurements from the original position we begin the process to adjust cleats, saddle, and handlebar to give you the most comfortable position on the bike according to your sport; cycling or triathlon. A photo or video is taken before making any adjustments in your bike as well as after. We go through the final analysis of your fit to find your most effective position to make your performance better for your future events.